Highlights of 2014(and hello everyone!)

Like many, I set up this blog with (farfetched) aspirations. These aspirations involved overnight internet success, endless praise and a renewed love of writing. The truth is this blog has remained dormant for probably about 4 months since I set it up. I’ve been putting it off because as my life guru(and thinspiration) Homer Simpson says ‘trying is the first step towards failure’.

I don’t believe in the whole ‘new year, new me’ crap.However, I do believe that anyone is entitled to as many fresh starts as they need in life. Anyway, where better to start then with the year we just left behind? Below are my own personal highlights of 2014 in ascending order(nothing as outrageous as Kim Kardashians’ bottom or anything, just my own rather quaint ones- sorry to disappoint).

5. Recognising my anxiety

Strange of me to call a mental illness a highlight, but when I put it into perspective I hope it might make sense. It’s a weird and frustrating feeling to not understand your brain, and for the past few years I have felt like there is something wrong with me. Little things send me off into a rage, if someone annoys me it bothers me for hours, rush hour is a hell which sees me arriving home red faced and aggressive. I can’t just let things go. On top of this, my social skills suffer. The idea of going to uni makes my hands shake and stomach grumble. I spend hours dissecting a possibly mean word that someone has said, or a cringe exchange with a colleague. I abstain from socialising with people because I prefer to stay at home, but then bailing on a friend makes me worry that they now hate me and are disowning me forever. On top of this, my brain can’t process what is going on. Thoughts upon thoughts pile up, mix up and distort to the point where I don’t even know what I’m thinking any more.
This is all pretty intense. After awhile I realise that I can’t go on this way and take advantage of the free counsellor at my university.
It was the best thing I ever did, and since then I have been slowly understanding my weird little brain more and more.

4. Completing Ocarina of Time(again)

Erm, I hope this isn’t as sad as it sounds.Or if it is I don’t care actually. Without a doubt the best game I played all year(and in life), trumping Pokemon X(my second favourite of 2014). My boyfriend Kane acted as my own personal Navi having played the N64 version and remembering it better than me(as previously mentioned, my brain doesn’t retain info). Stand out moments for me were the ReDeads(I am simultaneously fascinated by them and terrified of them), the frustrating but rewarding process of retrieving Biggoron’s sword and of course every single piece of music throughout the game(especially Saria’s song). I have never so willingly taken part in side quests before, I just wanted it to last for as long as possible. I’m not some game guy who knows a lot of technical terms, all I know is that I cried at the end. That’s right, you heard me.

3. MCM Comic Con 2014(and my first cosplay).

I attend a lot of comic conventions but never have the guts to cosplay. I always admire those that do, as much for their courage as for their creativity. After unashamedly becoming addicted to Cartoon Network whilst in Florida(we did other stuff as well promise), I decided to cosplay Starfire from Teen Titans Go. Problem is I don’t really possess the most prominent sewing skills, nor the most prominent patience skills. Not a good mix. Luckily, help was at hand. My boss and pal helped me purchase the items, measure me up and spent the majority of her week off starting my costume for me. I know, I’m so spoiled. As she had her own costume to work on, she handed it over to me for the finishing touches. For fear of my own incompetence(I would probably end up setting it on fire or something), I enlisted the help of my mum, auntie and boyfriend and got to work on the remainder of the costume. The sewing machine decided to break just in time. So, we spent the day before hand stitching, gluing and welding(not really) the rest together. It worked out okay considering it was finished so hurriedly(not going to lie though I did use a stapler at one point). Once the initial dread of people judging me wore off, I finally got into it and am so pleased I did. People were so lovely, and it restored some of the self confidence I thought was gone forever!

 2. Wearing my hair curly for the first time since I was 6

This may not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but to me it’s like slaying the biggest beast. I have always hated my hair. Being mixed race, my hair is insanely curly and I find it hard to do anything with. Tried weaves, relaxers, hair straighteners and by the end of it my hair was sad and broken. I abstained from heat and chemicals for over 6 months, also added oil treatments and last year finally had the confidence to meet my boyfriend with it natural(above photo). I wasn’t dumped so I guess it was a success.

1. FLORIDA 2014

The holiday of a lifetime which appealed to my inner child while spending all my outer adults hard earned cash. I will probably do a separate post which goes into every inane(boring) detail just so I can relive it all again. Personal highs included meeting a Galapagos tortoise at Gatorland, visiting Springfield for the first time and of course, meeting the main man Mickey. I’m not a massive Harry Potter fan (gasp) but Harry Potter world was pretty much like stepping into the film and made me wish I were a wizard. And that I had a fire breathing dragon. Another bonus is my boyfriend had to drive us around and managed not to kill us on the American roads. Add to this the large portions of food, amazing weather and Disney magic and you have a much needed escape from reality.


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