I haven’t written anything for awhile, so decided to ease back in with a simple ‘what I wore’ kinda post. I intend to make this a frequent thing, just sharing my love for geeky fashion and beauty.

I’m not some fashion guy, so don’t expect loads of long European names here. I’m also not a very girly girl. Everytime I have tried to groom myself there have been disastrous consequences. There was the time I tried to do my own French manicure and it looked like I had vomited Tippex onto my hands, the time when I tried to cut my own wig and butchered my fringe into looking like a bar chart, and then the time I tried to apply my own fake eyelashes and super-glued my eye shut. Needless to say, I have kind of been put off. My friends effortlessly apply make up, do their hair and look amazing for it. I would like to say there is some concrete reason for me not being able to perform these womanly ‘life skills’, but there isn’t. I’m just lazy.

Anyway, so what I’m TRYING to say is – I’m not trying to be a fashion or beauty blogger here. There are people who do that way better than me. In making the odd post about my appearance, I hope to feel a little less crap about not being that perfect girl each day. I also hope to meet other like minded girls who are also challenged in this area so I don’t feel bad. Maybe I will even inspire you. Who knows?

Post #1: Date with BFF.

Last weekend, my boyfriend was away(note:PARTY), so me and my BFF had plans. We ate ridiculously yummy Middle Eastern food, watched 90210 and learned to twerk(each to their own yeah). We also attempted to watch Only Connect, a notoriously hard BBC2 quiz show and it became the day I realised I was stupid. Prior to this bombshell, it was also the day I realised that pretty much all my clothes have a character on. At the ripe old age of 26, I am a walking cartoon.

I rocked up in this outfit below:

Simpsons ‘Couch Party’ jumper : Dolls Kill, $88. I bought this like I have money to burn, but I just couldn’t help myself. It’s really light and airy, and perfect for those days when I’ve had too much pizza and wanna cover that belly. The jumper is actually Hello Kitty Meets The Simpsons so she makes an appearance on the couch, while all The Simpsons characters are drawn in her unique and super cute chibi style.

Snoopy Turquoise Vans : End Clothing, £25. Peanuts is my all time favourite comic(showing my age here), and these shoes were too cute to pass up. The typical Vans style is complimented by drawings of Snoopy and the gang on canvas. I also like how the sole adds about 1inch to my height(short girl complex).

Hylian Shield Backpack: Nintendo Store, £29.99. My goodness. I bought this backpack dangerously close to February payday and technically chose to buy it over affording food. Totally worth it. It is based on the shield carried by Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The Hylian Shield is incredibly well made, colourful and large too. My boyfriend intends to use it to cosplay, but he isn’t allowed to touch it.

Thank you for reading my the fruits of my Sunday boredom. Feel free to comment me with anything at all(no hate though, my fragile heart can’t take it).

No post would be complete without a picture of a cat, so here is my BFF’s cat, Ollie. Basking in my presence, of course.


Fuzzy melty hearts all round.

Happy Sunday everyone! LB xxxxxx


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