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I DO go out sometimes #1 – Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses at SSE Wembley Arena

I love the Legend of Zelda series. Who doesn’t? Any Nintendo (or otherwise inclined) fan worth their while is obsessed with Link and his world of Hyrule. As this blog pads out a bit more, you will realise the scary extent of my obsession with LoZ(brace yourselves,kids). However, when me and my boyfriend purchased tickets for ‘Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses’, we were not sure what to expect. From the tagline we could work out that it was an orchestra playing music from the LoZ series. How would they go about it? Would there be actors? What would we look at? Our combined knowledge on classical music pretty much amounts to 0, so we were suitably excited and apprehensive.image3 (1)

Co-ordinating nails and socks all ready for the show! Triforce Socks were £4.99 from here.

On the day, we embarked on our adventure to the opposite side of London(not quite Lorule, but it’ll do for us) and once in Wembley, made our way to the SSE Arena. I was instantly relieved at the size of it. Whenever I hear the word ‘Wembley’ my brain darts to thousands of angry football hooligans and claustrophobic queues. The SSE arena was quite small in comparison, but still packed to the brim with excited Hylians eager for the show. There was a nice mixture of people, some dressed up in every piece of Zelda merch they could find, and some even dressed up as characters from the show. We saw a very impressive Skull Kid, a Zelda in Skyward Sword-esque get up, and a Sheikh(who I later realised was a man with better legs than mine).


Hey Skull Kid!

Drinks and merchandise were standard prices. A cider/beer set you back about £5, and a Majora’s Mask T shirt was about £17. The queues for the merch stands were massive, and by the time we arrived all the great stuff had gone. Oh well, time for the show!


Our seats were block N14, row E. We had a great view of everything, especially as everyone remains seated for the duration of the show. Bang on 7.30, the show began. The conductor emerged, and it all kicked off into ‘Overture’. A mix of gameplay from the series fills the screen, and we see our favourite sleepy hero, Link in a variety of his forms. We then glide in to ‘Zelda’s Lullaby’ and the namesake of the franchise appears on the screen in her various forms too. Cue menacing, villainous tones and who should appear? Ganondorf. We now have our three parts of the Triforce, and the crowd are loving it. I am also in tears. Wuss.

The concert consists of a journey through each game, with a Link Between Worlds recently being introduced. The crowd cheer for their favourite characters, and go absolutely ballistic when the creators of the game Shigeru Miyamoto, Eiji Aonuma, and  composer Koji Kondo make appearances on the screen. Miyamoto draws more ‘awws’ then cheers, but lets face it he is bloody cute for an absolute genius. He explains that we are meant to ‘grow’ with Link’s character, and that Link is not only meant to appeal to every kind of person, but to unify people together(hence his name). Woah, that was deep, but completely validated by the small part of the die hard LoZ fandom just present at Wembley SSE Arena that evening.

We sing and dance and cheer our way through the favourites such as ‘Saria’s song’ and get goosebumps when timeless classics like the ‘Great Fairy Fountain’ s song echo through the arena. It is quite something else, to hear this music live and amongst other fans as opposed to in your room through a TV or handheld console. There is nothing quite like it, it is in fact, magical. And Miyamoto definitely has achieved his wish of bringing people together, having spoken to another fan who was there that night who merely exclaimed ‘Was it me, or was there some sort of unspoken bond between everyone there?’.

The orchestra perform two encores, ending with the chilling Majora’s Mask medley which includes fan favourite ‘The Song Of Healing’. By the time the show is done, I am ready to go home and replay every single LoZ game and re-live all the amazing memories once again. I might even dance a little too. Where’s my ocarina?

Setlist – Master Quest

Act I

Gerudo Valley
Boss Battle Medley
Suite from Majora’s Mask
A Link Between Worlds
Prelude ~ The Creation of Hyrule
Movement I ~ Ocarina of Time
Movement II ~ The Wind Waker

Act II
Intermezzo ~ Great Fairy’s Fountain
Movement III ~ Twilight Princess
Movement IV ~ Time of the Falling Rain (A Link To The Past)
Ballad of the Goddess / Fi’s Theme
Dragon Roost Island
Majora’s Mask Medley

Thank you Nintendo for the memories! Thanks Jason Michael Paul Productions for bringing this to life for us. And of course…


Cheers buddy! LB xxxxxx


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