Anxiety Buster Ideas #1- Boggle.

Making friends is hard. As you get older, it gets even harder and also, if you suffer from anxiety like me, it gets super awkward. As I’ve transitioned into my late 20s, I have dwindled down my friend count and become less sociable. I’m pretty happy that way normally as I’ve kind of linked ‘friends’ with ‘hassle’ as my anxiety has worsened.

However, a year and a half ago I was lucky enough to not only meet a new friend, but someone who was willing to help me tackle the mental health problems I was facing. My boss. Pretty unlikely scenario huh? Outside of her boss like and professional (scary) demeanour, she can also take on a sisterly approach whether it be stern(no more tattoos/get off your phone) or more chilled(eating body weight in burgers/bitching about mates). Together, we are trying to find ways to alleviate the symptoms I get alongside my anxiety, and I am thankful to have such great support.

The other day, it was decided. We were playing Boggle. That’s right. We set off to a quiet pub, found their games room(which incidentally, only had one game) and settled down. Now, I have never played Boggle before and was immediately apprehensive at the idea of looking stupid and not being able to play. I had to come out of my head and think ‘this is a board game in front of one person, stop making it out to be more than it is’. So I did. And we played.

I dunno how many of you have played Boggle before, but the general idea is to make words from a grid of interchangeable letters. The letters have to be touching, so it is sort of like a wordsearch. Anyway, regardless of what it was, it was bloody hard. One of my main GAD symptoms is lack of focus. This is mainly because I try and take in too much at once and panic, without breaking situations down in my head first. Boggle was no different. I saw the grid and over thought it, unable to organise my racing thoughts and flitting ideas.

FINALLY though, I was forced to focus on each letter, checking around to see if I could make words and I got slowly and slowly better. I was pretty proud of myself. I felt like a barrier was being broken down between the stress and the rational thinking, and it felt really good. It made my head hurt though.

I would recommend Boggle as a start if you are looking to rebuild your focus, as well as it just being a fun game. I am also an English Literature student, so anything with words is a firm favourite with me. It sounds a bit odd for something like a board game to help with mental health, but I saw it as a nice break from my phone and a chance to think and reconnect with my brain(and check it is still there). The sociable aspect is also great, I normally play games on my DS and miss out on that human contact. I would NOT however recommend playing against a Boggle Champ like I did, as losing over 10 times isn’t exactly what I had in mind. Soon though, soon.

Totally sold and wanna buy Boggle NOW? Course you do. Here you go.


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