Let me just start by saying,I don’t LIKE to wear trousers. I like to be wild and free. Unfortunately, I live in England which means lack of sensible clothing could mean frostbite(slight over dramatization there but you get the idea). Leggings have a weird rep, normally favoured by mothers and sporty types who have way more important things to focus on than how they look. There is also the whole ‘are leggings trousers?’ confusion – do you wear them with anything over or not? Are they showing ‘too much’?

Anyway, my first foray into leggings(besides year 3 gym) was a couple years ago when I found these Barbie leggings in the kids section of River Island(I am an elf).


What do you think? Bit of an eye sore? I LOVED them. Mainly cos they were Barbie, but also because I am so L A Z Y and these were the perfect way to look like I had made an effort, without actually making an effort(my forte). I wear mine with fishnets underneath and a top long enough to cover my bottom(different strokes though).

Why am I telling you all of this? WHO CARES about leggings? Well. Turns out that they are a bloody amazing addition to any geek/nerd/neek/GERD(made that up)’s wardrobe, you can pretty much find leggings with ANY character on that you might like. Good options for a non-cosplay day at a Comic Convention, or just when you want everyone to know what you like and hence how cool you effing are.

I found the below co-ord set on Alice Vandy‘s website. Alice is an amazing designer with unique prints on dresses, shirts, co-ords, etc. She recently did a collab with My Little Pony and the results were mouth watering(click here to see, just hold on to your purse!). Top was £45 and leggings were £50. Alice is such a babe, any questions or queries and she will be happy to help. Her business is expanding so grab these pieces while you can!

Ponyland co-ord set(top and leggings).

Ponyland co-ord set(top and leggings).

Being an avid gamer, I was perusing Etsy under the search term ‘gamer girl’ hoping to waste the remainder of my salary. I found the below ‘Blanka Street Fighter’ leggings from Eat Me Clothing. I’m more of a Chun-Li girl myself(feminist and all that), but fell in love with the retro SNES-style Blanka print on these. Eat Me! are based in Buenos Aires, and sell a wide range of apparel on Etsy including bags, dresses and menswear.

And then I ran out of money. So below are some other finds which I hope to get soon.

The above collection is from Much Needed Merch. I couldn’t pick just one! Above from left to right you have – Zero Suit, Light/Dark World and Midna leggings. They all retail at around $29.99 and they often have free shipping on international orders! I love Much Needed Merch because they include style boards on each item giving you inspiration for new looks(and sometimes encouraging you to spend some more- clever!).

I couldn’t mention leggings without mentioning Black Milk! Since their ‘Galaxy’ print literally exploded onto the scene a few years ago, this company have been the leader of online fashion. From left to right here we have: Batman Comic, Disney Princess and(for those with a darker side like me) Disney Villains. These are hand made in Australia, and set you back about £50.

I can’t believe I have spent a half hour writing about leggings, but some things just have to be shared. Comment me any other good finds, it’s pay day this week!

Happy Sunday!

LB xxxxxxxxxxxx


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