So you wanna be a master? – Pokémon Go announced for iOS and Android.

20 years ago Pokémon Red and Blue were released, changing life as we know it. My career goals changed from ‘Nurse’ to ‘Pokémon Breeder’, and my cat became a crippling disappointment. Why couldn’t she learn tackle? I became a wheeler and dealer of Pokémon trading cards, resorting to extreme tactics to get the rarest shinies(making the owner look the other way and then running off with it).

I would like to say my life has changed dramatically and my goals have changed, but they haven’t. I am currently working my way through Pokémon Fire Red, and have started re-watching the anime for the zillionth time.

So it bodes well for me that The Pokémon Company have teamed up with Niantic and Nintendo to announce the release of Pokémon GO for Android and iOS.


A wild Charizard appears!
Photo courtesy of

What do we know so far?

We know that Pokémon GO is a GPS powered game, tracking you in your actual town as opposed to the previous Pokémon Regions. You will have the opportunity to battle Pokémon trainers in your neighbourhood, as well as trade and team up to defend against more powerful Pokémon such as Mewtwo. Too busy to keep looking at your phone? No problem. The addition of a Bluetooth enabled watch, which buzzes as a Pokémon approaches will notify you of what’s around so you don’t have to miss out. Sorted.


It’s a PokéWatch!
Photo courtesy of

What don’t we know?

Pretty much everything else. The game play has been kept quite schtum, with small amounts seen on the advert, but not enough to satisfy our curiosity. We don’t know how teams will work, and whether popular items such as TMs and evolution stones will be included. We also don’t know if an exclamation mark will appear over the head of other trainers as you approach, but we can hope.

How much is it?

The game is free, making it’s revenue through in app purchases.

Who are Niantic?

Niantic are a software development company previously owned by Google. They are best known for their project Ingress, an augmented multi-player reality game with a sci-fi back story. The game is complex but has been downloaded by over 12 million(clever) users so far, and offers many of the same attributes as Pokémon GO in terms of maps and interactivity.

FUN FACT:The owner of the Niantic company John Hanke also worked on the hugely successful Google maps.

When will Pokémon GO be available?

So far we know sometime in 2016, no more than that.

What does this MEAN?

It means a new level of Pokémon interactivity as we have never known before. It means we will be even more addicted to our phones. It means we will be turning around our caps,jumping from our seats and challenging each other on public transport. Well, maybe not the last part.

Wanna see the trailer? Look no further! Be sure to share your thoughts with me, starting with how unrealistically easy it was to catch a level 38 Charizard on the trailer.

Much Pika Pika love !

LB xxxxx


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