Good Evening Mayor! – Isabelle/Shizue Nendoroid review

As a nice chill Sunday exercise(before the ‘oh crap the weekend is over’ panic sets in), I decided to try my hand at taking some arty photos. I have no children and my cat doesn’t co operate, so I thought why not use my shiny new Isabelle Nendoroid as my ever so cute subject?

A Nendoroid is a plastic figurine with interchangeable faces and limbs. They were created by the Good Smile company in 2006, and range from popular video game characters such as Link(Legend of Zelda) to Anime/Manga characters such as Hatsune Miku. The clever customization aspect separates these from just another figure, and they have become coveted collectors items.

So coveted they have become, that when it came the time for me to get mine it wasn’t an easy feat. The object of my affection was Isabelle, the helpful PA from Animal Crossing New Leaf. I had become attached to Isabelle when playing ACNL and then again when playing as her on Mario Kart. Like most Nintendo characters, she is adorable. Once I had the idea of her sat on my desk, I couldn’t get it out of my mind.


I finally got my hands on the Nendoroid as a gift from my boyfriend, who was probably just sick of me going on about it. He purchased her brand new from eBay, for an escalated price of around £30. Her RRP was around £20 direct from Good Smile(this is before taxes and shipping charges).

She arrived as below.


She is of good quality plastic and feels quite heavy which is great as she sits nicely on the base. Changing her face and arms can be quite fiddly, and I noticed that her skirt/legs part doesn’t attach to the top part for very long without sliding off. This could just be my Nendoroid, but it’s easily resolved as she has the base to hold it all together anyway. The paint quality is very good, vibrant and just as she is seen on the game. Other accessories include two musical notes and a question mark, these can be attached to the base to add to Isabelle’s expressions. The manual teaches you how to achieve the 3 looks shown on the box, and helps you get the hang of the parts and how to attach them. We did the staple 3 looks and then I created one of my own.

I hope you enjoy my little gallery, and feel free to contact me with any questions!

Have a great Sunday

LB xxxxxx


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