Monday Musing: End Online Hate!

When I realised that I hadn’t posted on here in 3 months,  I was like ‘Bloody hell where has the time gone?’. Seriously. It doesn’t feel that long ago we were working up to Christmas, and in that time I have left my job to focus on my writing(eep).

Just some Monday musings and maybe a little telling off for you all too. While trying to promote myself as a writer, cosplayer and also meet other like minded people, I have come across the biggest amount of meanness. Not necessarily towards me, but to others in these communities via social media. It is a hierarchy like school, and I don’t know why it is still prominent when we are getting older. Perhaps it is just me that wants a peaceful life, I don’t know.

As easy as it is to hate on someone from behind the comfort of your phone, regardless of if it makes you feel better or not, or even if you are just a bystander fanning the flames knowingly – please just stop and think about the consequences of what you say. People have called me names before that have probably meant zilch to them, but have played on my mind for days.

The reason why we want to promote a kind of safe space in the nerd community is because of what I mentioned before. Time. Do you honestly want to look back at what you have done this year and realised that all your effort has gone into meaningless bullying on social media? Or do you want people to look back and think ‘God, that person really ruined my life for a few days, what a tool’. A decision made in a few minutes can improve the lives of many, including yourself. Time is precious to everyone, so respect your own and respect others.

I don’t know the reasons for this bullying except stupid crap like ‘This girl has too many followers, she obviously bought them’ or ‘I don’t like how this person looks’. The best way to get over these feelings of hatred is realise that it has absolutely nothing to do with you, it doesn’t affect you. Having an opinion is great, it’s what makes the world so diverse, but picking on someone just because they do not meet your standards, or because they just simply annoy you, is not so great. The beauty of social media is you can block, scroll on and go about your day. Think about what you are trying to achieve, your online persona is actually more important and says more about the ‘real you’ than you will realise.

I speak of this trolling/bullying in the geek community because that is where I spend a lot of my time, but it can be translated anywhere.

I’ll leave you with some wise words from Meowth, and if there is one thing you do this year, BE KIND.

LB xxxxx






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