(Any) Gamers of the world unite! : Monday Motivation

This month marks one year of this blog,  and while not much to some, I can’t believe how comfortable I have become online. This time last year, I decided to join a few social media sites in order to vocalise my passion for all things video games. I was under the impression that a hobby is an excellent way to meet like minded people and expand your knowledge, and now it is oh so easy to connect with your existing friends and make new ones. My main account was on the popular photo sharing site Instagram(I am lazy and photos seemed less effort). Once I joined, I familiarised myself with hashtags and saw what there was on offer to give me my gaming fix. When I first forayed into this online landmine with my gaming account, I was unsure of my place as a retro gamer who has never owned a next gen console and ranks Monkey Island as her favourite game. Even worse, I soon realised the typical Instagram picture of a gamer is usually someone who owns a gamer tag, belongs to a clan and is sponsored by some sort of console accessories start up. Dread. I was worried people would think I wasn’t really into video games at all, and that I might be using it for attention or piggybacking off my boyfriends interests in order to be different and ‘cool’. It made me second guess myself, as most social media does, and made me wonder if I actually am who I think I am. Confusing for you? Think how it was in my little pea head. In such a small sea of big fish, the idea of being judged and scrutinised was overwhelming.

Looking back now, I needn’t have worried. I have met a lot of people who respect and enjoy what I post, as well as those who teach me something new every day. Not even just limited to gaming, in all kinds of ways. Whether you enjoy playing mobile games, if Animal Crossing is your jam, if you can only get into Call of Duty, there is a place for you in this community. Don’t be deterred by the naysayers who say you’re the wrong gender/playing the wrong console/ditto the wrong type of game- there are enough real issues going on in the world without people taking from you what makes you happy.

Get on with it. Happy gaming and happy gram’ing.
LB xxxxxx


Your Chosen Games for Stress Relief: Top 10

Video games are often seen as a fun hobby. A way to socialize or be solitary(depending on your preference), or a way to live out a life that is very different from your own(I’m still waiting for Pokemon to be real). Although gaming sometimes gets a bad rep for ‘too much violence’ or ‘making children stupid’, there is no denying that some games are an excellent stress release and escapism from everyday life.

I reached out to my lovely followers on Instagram as well as some of my friends, and compiled a list of the most popular games they like to play when stressed out or feeling anxious. Some went the ‘I’m angry and want to blow everyone’s head off’ route, and some went the ‘I want a calm escapism’ route. I didn’t judge either way(honest). I expected this post to be games of calm, tranquil and Zen but realised that a stress free game can be absolutely any game you want. It depends on the individual. Even WEIRDER, some very stressful games can actually release stress by distracting your attention somewhere else. Who knew?

Have a look at the top ten that made the cut, and please add yours in the comments below! Continue reading

Good Evening Mayor! – Isabelle/Shizue Nendoroid review

As a nice chill Sunday exercise(before the ‘oh crap the weekend is over’ panic sets in), I decided to try my hand at taking some arty photos. I have no children and my cat doesn’t co operate, so I thought why not use my shiny new Isabelle Nendoroid as my ever so cute subject?

A Nendoroid is a plastic figurine with interchangeable faces and limbs. They were created by the Good Smile company in 2006, and range from popular video game characters such as Link(Legend of Zelda) to Anime/Manga characters such as Hatsune Miku. The clever customization aspect separates these from just another figure, and they have become coveted collectors items. Continue reading

So you wanna be a master? – Pokémon Go announced for iOS and Android.

20 years ago Pokémon Red and Blue were released, changing life as we know it. My career goals changed from ‘Nurse’ to ‘Pokémon Breeder’, and my cat became a crippling disappointment. Why couldn’t she learn tackle? I became a wheeler and dealer of Pokémon trading cards, resorting to extreme tactics to get the rarest shinies(making the owner look the other way and then running off with it). Continue reading

Lou’s Gaming Corner: Mario Kart Revisited.


When I first played Mario Kart it was against my little brother, holding a Capri-Sun in one hand and the controller in the other. It looked like this…

Super Mario Kart for SNES.

Super Mario Kart for SNES. Photo by nintendolife.com.

I always played as Princess Peach, and me and Peachy always lost. I could say the game was really hard, but I just pure sucked at it. I always ended up on the little land-y bits in the middle and got stuck. Lakitu got so sick of me going the wrong way he retired. He didn’t really, but he would have if he were capable of real feelings. Peach got sick of always losing. We fell out. I put my copy of Mario Kart in the cupboard and didn’t revisit it for ages. Continue reading



Let me just start by saying,I don’t LIKE to wear trousers. I like to be wild and free. Unfortunately, I live in England which means lack of sensible clothing could mean frostbite(slight over dramatization there but you get the idea). Leggings have a weird rep, normally favoured by mothers and sporty types who have way more important things to focus on than how they look. There is also the whole ‘are leggings trousers?’ confusion – do you wear them with anything over or not? Are they showing ‘too much’?

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Do you ever discover something and wish you had known about it sooner? As I near 30 and wave bye bye to my youth, it seems each and every week I am hearing about some interesting hobby or interest which I wouldn’t mind trying, but now it feels too late. Most people have worn fancy dress at some point, mostly when children and mostly involving a cheap, itchy costume which your parents swear you look cute in. My big moment was being Marge Simpson on World Book Day in Year 4. I know she isn’t a book character, but that should shed some insight into my priorities at that age. Continue reading

Courtesy of Zeldawiki.org

I DO go out sometimes #1 – Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses at SSE Wembley Arena

I love the Legend of Zelda series. Who doesn’t? Any Nintendo (or otherwise inclined) fan worth their while is obsessed with Link and his world of Hyrule. As this blog pads out a bit more, you will realise the scary extent of my obsession with LoZ(brace yourselves,kids). However, when me and my boyfriend purchased tickets for ‘Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses’, we were not sure what to expect. From the tagline we could work out that it was an orchestra playing music from the LoZ series. How would they go about it? Would there be actors? What would we look at? Our combined knowledge on classical music pretty much amounts to 0, so we were suitably excited and apprehensive. Continue reading