Kirby Nendoroid Fun

I have made myself a little deal to write each week from now on, I can’t believe it has been 4 months since my last post. So much has happened!

The most important event, of course, is me FINALLY receiving my Kirby Nendoroid from Play-Asia. I preordered him in DECEMBER and after many angrily worded e-mails, I am happy to report that he is finally here.


The little guy retails at around £30 and comes with four interchangeable faces and three copy abilities- sword, fire and star rod. Compared to the Isabelle Nendoroid , this felt soooo much easier to manipulate and change up. As Kirby is effectively a blorp (real word), his feet and arms attach on either side with magnets instead of clipping in and his face screws on and off easily.

The copy ability hats are also magnetised and easily fit onto Kirby’s little bald head, it is so easy to change his look around that it gets quite(very) addictive.



Kirby Dress is from Dolls Kill, Shoes are Converse.


The quality as always is excellent. My only gripe was when using the base. It works in that you attach the rods to the base, and then add Kirby and in this case, the fire part in front of him. The hole in the fire attachment was far too small, and it did not slot on until my boyfriend forcefully and angrily managed to wedge it there. This was just for photo purposes and it fell off again shortly after. I would recommend that Good Smile rectify this with future models as it kind of ruins the fun when stuff doesn’t work as it should.

Despite that, the Nendoroid is one of my favourites so far. Kirby remains absolutely adorable, the expressions are perfect and I LOVE the magnet idea.

Now for the best part, the photos.



LB xxxxxxx



Sailor Moon Style: Girl Power!



The 90’s nostalgia is back with a vengeance isn’t it? The return of crop tops, glitter and flatforms is upon us and doesn’t appear to be leaving anytime soon.

Girl Power was one of the mottos to live by in the Nineties (way before #YOLO), and nothing conveyed this message more than anime Sailor Moon.

Venturing into the realms of geekdom here, I actually had an MSN(!) username based on Sailor Mars(my favourite) and a questionable crush on Tuxedo Mask. My cat was my Luna and I was SO EFFING COOL. In my head. Anyway, the Sailor Scouts kicked butt and left some really important messages about friendship, love and feminism along the way.

sailor moon


Some loves never leave you, and many years later, I’ve picked up some cool Sailor Scout Style items that I wanted to share with you guys.

Me and my boyfriend ventured to the heath at sunset yesterday, so apologise for the lighting, I’m not really orange!


LB xxxxxx


All items can be found on Ghost Mutts.

Sailor Moon Phone case – £9.99

Sailor Scouts Motorcycle Club Tee – £20

Luna Choker – £9.99



My brain is absolutely fried from a lecture about the JFK shooting(about as fun as it sounds). So I decided to do a light hearted and quirky post on my latest geek style purchases.

1. ‘Nuka Cola’ Fallout Tee, £20, from Gamerprint

This was actually for my brother but ya know.. Also pictured is my Triforce necklace from ZoS.

2. Sonic the Hedgehog circle skirt,€40, from Pixels Kaya.

I love LOVE love Sonic. I’m talking megadrive days here not this ‘Sonic Boom’ rubbish. This skater style skirt is covered in sprites from the Sega days. (Wow, that was a lot of ‘s’s, try saying that after a few drinks.)

3. Don’t have a cow man! t-shirt, $14, from TeePublic and Guybrush Threepwood iPhone case, £20, from RedBubble

I am a vegan and animal rights activist, so this shirt was a must have. Also seen on fellow vegan Apu in The Simpsons. Do you need more of a fashion icon than that? Also pictured is my new iPhone 6 case featuring Guybrush Threepwood when he finds the bone in Monkey Island 2: LeChucks Revenge. You can pick the durability of the case and I chose super duper thick because my phone ends up on the floor, in the sea, etc.

4. Kerbee Tank Top,$21(SALE PRICE!) from Dolls Kill

Flashing those pins in a Kirby (or Kerbee) tank top from Dolls Kill aka my favourite place to shop. I wore this as a dress, but that’s cos I have a lot to be desired in the height department(I am short, basically). Kirby is dotted around this light pink and airy vest in his various adorable forms.


 5. Peanuts x Criminal Damage Co Ord (Top £30, Leggings £35) from ASOS. 
Sorry for the Crimewatch style lighting in this photo, my room is the worst place for selfies. This co-ord set was a no brainer for me as I have a tendency to buy anything with the Peanuts gang on it. The high necked top and leggings are covered in characters from the show, it’s a great ‘look like I made an effort even though I CBA’ outfit! Hopefully you get the idea, despite poor photo quality.

Have you found any amazing clothes out there for those geekily inclined? Let me know, you know how I love to spend money.
LB xxxxxx



Let me just start by saying,I don’t LIKE to wear trousers. I like to be wild and free. Unfortunately, I live in England which means lack of sensible clothing could mean frostbite(slight over dramatization there but you get the idea). Leggings have a weird rep, normally favoured by mothers and sporty types who have way more important things to focus on than how they look. There is also the whole ‘are leggings trousers?’ confusion – do you wear them with anything over or not? Are they showing ‘too much’?

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I haven’t written anything for awhile, so decided to ease back in with a simple ‘what I wore’ kinda post. I intend to make this a frequent thing, just sharing my love for geeky fashion and beauty.

I’m not some fashion guy, so don’t expect loads of long European names here. I’m also not a very girly girl. Everytime I have tried to groom myself there have been disastrous consequences. There was the time I tried to do my own French manicure and it looked like I had vomited Tippex onto my hands, the time when I tried to cut my own wig and butchered my fringe into looking like a bar chart, and then the time I tried to apply my own fake eyelashes and super-glued my eye shut. Needless to say, I have kind of been put off. My friends effortlessly apply make up, do their hair and look amazing for it. I would like to say there is some concrete reason for me not being able to perform these womanly ‘life skills’, but there isn’t. I’m just lazy. Continue reading